Donations & Planned Giving

Thank you for your financial contribution to the support of our Parish Community it is very much appreciated.

Donations Online

Donations to the Parish can be made online by visiting:

On the online form you can choose Nelson Bay Parish and in Payment Notes you can advise what the donation is for or your planned giving number.

Or alternatively, you can transfer funds as follows (you must use the REF as listed below):

Planned Giving/Second Collection:

BSB: 062815

ACC: 00328161

REF CDF5157 and your surname or planned giving number


First Collection:

BSB: 062815

ACC: 00328161

REF CDF5159 and your surname


Planned Giving/Second Collection

This collection is for the upkeep of the Parish.

As Planned Giving Envelopes and donations cannot be given at Masses during this very difficult time, if you still wish to donate please use one of the two options above or complete the form below and return it to the Parish Office Letterbox or contact us and we can arrange collection of the completed form. If you cannot print the form, kindly advise us and we will arrange a form to be delivered to you.

Alternatively, if you wish to keep donating through the Planned Giving Envelopes please contact the Parish Office to discuss a collection arrangement.

Planned Giving Brochure


First Collection

This collection goes to the Maitland Clergy Central Fund (MCCF) for the financial support of the priests.

If you wish to continue to donate to the MCCF during this time please contact the Parish Office to discuss these arrangements or use the transfer details above.

We thank you for your continued support during this difficult time.